This innovative water bottle can flavorize your plain water

Air up is a startup from Munich, Germany; that developed a revolutionary drinking system that flavours your water just by scent. It adds 0% sugars, 0% additives, 100% taste. It’s pure magic.

Air up® is a refillable bottle that turns plain tap water into flavored water through scent alone. It’s a simple idea. But one that redefines drinking completely. Radically different, visionary, and with no hidden small print. Additive-free. Sugar-free. Bullshit-free.

With air up®, you’re drinking nothing but pure water. You can empty it, sniff it, run it through as many tests as you please, but nothing will change: drinking with air up® is drinking water, pure and simple. Compared to your average bottled drink, air up® uses far less plastic, and their small, lightweight scent Pods mean that their logistics are carbon-efficient and kinder to the planet.

  • Founded: 2018
  • Headquarters: München, Bayern, Germany
  • Type: Public Company
  • CEO: Jannis Koppitz

How does it work?

Watch the video

What exactly is in the scent pod?

The interchangeable scent pods contain a natural aroma that is applied to an air-permeable carrier material. The carrier material is a fleece specially developed for this purpose. They get the raw materials of the aroma from a well-known German manufacturer, who extracts them from the respective natural products. Fabian and his team create the most diverse and creative flavors in their flavor laboratory. Sometimes so creative that the pods unfortunately (or fortunately) never go into production, but are only available in the air up office.

What is the advantage of the bottle?

Normally tasty drinks contain sugar and/or unhealthy additives. Both are unfortunately not very good for our body. air up is the first drink to offer the possibility to drink only water and still experience taste. And you also save money, CO2 emissions and plastic waste compared to conventional soft drinks. Of course, you won’t have to carry boxes anymore and their scent pods weigh only a few grams. Which of the many advantages is the greatest for you, you can find out best yourself!

If you are interested to buy the Air up bottle or want to know more about Air up click here

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