Refrigerator of 2050: bio robot refrigerator

In this age of “Use by dates”, refrigerators are one such appliances which are used in households to large food industries to store food products. There are many stumbling blocks in the modern fridges used today like space occupied, noise issues, uneven cooling areas and lack of environmental sustainability. Nowadays sustainability has become very crucial as global warming is increasing every year and thus energy saving has at every point of our life is very important. Refrigerators used today consumes higher energy. So, all these issues sought solution by Electrolux’s Bio Robot Refrigerator. Electrolux AB is a Sweden based multinational home appliance manufacturing company which is considered as the world’s second largest appliance maker by units sold after Whirlpool.

The company Electrolux organized a competition with the theme House hold appliances for the urban home of 2050” where a russian student named Yuriy Dmitriev came up with this idea of bio robot refrigerator. In this refrigerator model, Bio Robots cool bio polymer gel through luminescence which cools the products eventually

Electrolux bio robot refrigerator


Products are loaded into the green, odorless, non-sticky biopolymer gel where a separate pod is created for each product due to the strong surface tension of gel. Colony of biomechanical robots would transform invisible infrared radiation into visible light through luminescence. The cooling essentially happens by absorbing heat energy and radiating it in a different range of wavelengths.

Features of Bio Robot Refrigerator

  • This model does not require any energy expenditure for cooling the products
  • Robots identify the optimal cooling and storage temperature for each item
  • Refrigerator can be mounted horizontally/vertically on wall/even on ceiling when in zero gravity and can be placed anywhere as it does not have shelves and door consuming less space
  • It is four times smaller than normal fridge and 90% of storage space in fridge can be used
  • Food leftovers like meat can be stored inside gel without special packaging ensuring it is antibacterial and hygienic
  • It changes it shape based on its utilization capacity (Fewer stuff lesser the space needed)
  • The high-density storage, efficient usage of volume
  • Protection of products from damaging UV radiation
  • The food inside is visible all times giving note of spoilage, it is noise free and have aesthically appealing design.



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