PEKHANSA: A Food-Tech Start-Up bringing revolution in Pani-Puri business

If you are Indian you must be knowing about Pani-puri/ Fuska/ Phuska/ Puska/Golgappa. Although this food item was originated in Indian subcontinent it is one of the most popular street foods in Bangladesh and also in Nepal. Believe me, My mouth is watering while writing about this appetizing snack item. So we all love pani-puri/Fuska right? But sometimes we all hesitate to eat it, why?? The most common reason for that is that the vendor is not hygienic as he/she should be, standard of hygiene is very poor. The vendor touches everything with the same hand by which he serves the Pani-puri. So what is the solution for that? wearing gloves and mask ?? Well, Yes of course, wearing gloves and mask will improve the hygiene standard but that’s a common man’s solution. Common man keeps complaining but Entrepreneurs think differently and take the problem as an opportunity, and add value to our life by finding solutions for that. And another important point is that Now Pani-puri is an Indian food and available only in two three countries but this delicious food item has a great potential for global reach

So today we are going to talk about the food-tech start-up working on this issue and is going to revolutionize the Pani-puri business very soon.

About the START-UP

It’s PEKHANSA Pvt. Ltd. founded in 2019 by two mechanical engineers Saurav Jyoti Sarma and Abhijit Nath; from Tezpur University PEKHANSA is the world’s first food-tech company working on a revolutionary product to provide hygienic and customized variants of panipuri by panipuri vending machine (PVM). The startup is innovating a panipuri vending machine or phuska ATM to produce the best quality panipuri with customised flavours, offering the best quick service experience. And it envisions to create the best food chain restaurant in the globe. Already they developed the puri making machine and selling it across the country and received the “Ghandhian Young Technological Innovation Award, 2019” (GYTI) for their innovation of “Panipuri vending machine” from the Hon’ble Vice President of India Shri. M Venkaiah Naidu at Vigyan Bhawan.


  • To prepare and vend panipuri without physical presence of any vendor or with minimum human intervention
  • To prepare panipuri in large scale and provide quick service ( present model will dispense 20-25 panipuris per minute)
  • To increase the shelf-life of puri to store for longer period

How the PHUSKA ATM is gonna solve the problem and add value??

As mentioned above, one of the major reasons for poor hygiene standards of the presently available panipuri in the market is the human intervention especially the use of both the hands. The Automated Panipuri Vending Machine will vend panipuri with least possible human intervention and/or without a vendor also. This machine will reduce the labour cost and provide 24/7 service to the panipuri lovers. The machine can be moved from one place to other where the electricity is available. It is very easy to install in places like malls, restaurants, luxury hotels, airports, etc. and user friendly.

About the PHUSKA ATM / PVM (Pani-puri vending Machine)

The machine works completely on electricity and battery packs. The whole process works from pricking the puris to filling the potato stuff and flavoured water without any human intervention. This machine will work as a single unit , but it will contain various subunits. Opening a new stall takes lot of space but installing this machine will reduce the space requirement. The machine can be moved from one place to other where the electricity is available. It is very easy to install in places like malls , restaurants, luxury hotels ,airports, etc. This machine is believed to promote acceptability and ensure availability of this Indian snack across the world .

How big the pani-puri market is?

According to a research and case study at “International Journal of Research in Management & Business” the growth rate of panipuri market is 8% and the current market value is $ 4 Bn and interestingly the whole market is completely unorganised. Once the unorganized sector would be organized the value will definitely rich higher points because of easy global reach.


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