Maggi: History, Brand Positioning and Marketing Strategies


The brand “Maggi” was first launched in Switzerland in the year 1886 by switch entrepreneur Julius Maggi when the Swiss Government asked him to create a product that would be quick to prepare yet nutritious as more and more women were working outside the home.

Their first product was a ready-to-make or instant soup made with pea and bean, and slowly they kept introducing some other products like bouillon cube and seasoning sauce.

In the year 1947 Maggi was acquired by the food manufacturing giant company Nestlé and in 1983 Nestle launched Maggi 2 Minutes Noodles in India.


  • Initially, it focused only on working women who have very little time to prepare food. However, the sales were not going up despite having the tagline “2-minute noodles” and heavy media advertising.
  • To understand the problem of low sales, Nestle India Ltd. (NIL) conducted research and found that the percentage of working women in India is very less as compared to the percentage in Switzerland.
  • So, NIL repositioned the noodles as a convenience product for mothers and as a fun product for children.
  • The tagline “Fast to Cook, Good to Eat” was also there in repositioning. Now Maggi is targeting the entire family, not just moms and kids.


  • Maggi has used advertising as its main promotional strategy. Different ad campaigns are “Mummy I’m Hungry”, “Bas 2-minute”, “Maggi Mom”, “Me And Meri Maggi”, “Guess the Taste”, “We miss you too”, “Maggi Masalas of India”
  • Maggi was distributed free in schools and offices for trials, organized Maggi school quizzes and sketching
  • Return gifts on empty packs, Scratch and win offer, Maggi fun book, and stickers with funky animal facts
  • Discount schemes (e.g.- 7% discount on 6 pieces’ pack(56MRP), 5rupees discount on 8-piece pack))
  • Display: Large pack sizes at the top and small sizes at the bottom at retail outlets and in many outlets, the outer shelves are purchased by the company
  • Maggi Club: This Loyalty program was targeted to children below 14 years of age or between the age group of 8 to 10 as they were the biggest potential fans of Maggi 2 Minutes Noodles.


Maggi focused on all the 4Ps of the Marketing Mix concept i.e. Product, Price,Promotion, and Place. Maggi has products of different flavors, consistent quality products, Maggi has products at different price ranges, Maggi has done huge promotion in different platforms, Maggi is available at all places from metro cities to rural retailers.

This iconic brand is on a mission to champion the goodness of home cooking, renewing its global product portfolio with ingredients that people are familiar with, like those they might find in their kitchen cupboard.

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