Doctors ask the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to be vegan?

Vegan doctors ask the UK prime minister to adopt plant-based diets

The UK’s First-Ever Online Plant-Based Healthcare Service namely Plant-based health online(PBO) wants the Prime Minister as well as his family fiancée Carrie Symonds and their son Wilfred to adopt a plant-based diet and set as an example to the nation by eating a healthier and sustainable diet.

Plant-Based Health Online (PBHO)  co-founded by Dr. Laura Freeman and Dr. Shireen Kassam believes that the move would encourage the nation to opt for a healthy vegan diet and says that the Prime minister should understand the importance of a healthy plant-based diet for human, public, and planetary health. It says this would, in turn, provide cost-saving benefits to the NHS.

It’s a world leader’s obligation to do everything in their power to maintain the policies they have set out.

—-Dr. Shireen Kassam, Co-founder Plant-Based Health Online (PBHO)

A whole food plant-based diet is key in tackling both health and environmental issues. So, we’re calling on the Prime Minister and his fiancé Carrie Symonds to take action by setting an example to the nation. We believe that by adopting a healthy vegan diet for their family, Mr. Johnson and Ms. Symonds will connect with the problems at hand.

—-Dr. Shireen Kassam, Co-founder Plant-Based Health Online (PBHO)

The western world is now shifting towards plant-based diets like plant-based meat from animal-based diets like animal meat, eggs, and milk to tackle few major global issues along with health concerns.

Dr. Kassam says, “Meanwhile, a recent survey by Public Health England found that 7 in 10 adults are motivated by Covid-19 to make healthier lifestyle changes. However, we know that most people find it difficult to navigate the choices presented to them. And, it can be hard to know where to start.

“Johnson must lead the way in recognizing the steps to improve long-term public health. We implore him to take the simple yet effective step of adopting a plant-based diet for the sake of the country.” 

Dr. Kassam

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