Cow milk vs Almond milk: Which is more nutritious?

Now the dairy free milk or plant based milk market is booming and almond milk is the most selling among plant based milk. We took two brands of of almond milk namely Epigamia and Urban platter, and compared them with cow milk (whole)

Cow milk
( whole)
Almond milk
Almond milk
(Urban Platter)
Protein g3.21.70.84
Carbs g4.80.270.92
Dietary fiber0Not mentioned0.56
Sugar (lactose) g5.100
Cholesterol mg1400
Sodium mg4310.2538.84
calcium mg120112.5132.08
potassium mg13231
Vitamin A mcg4660Not mentioned
Vitamin D mcg2IU1.75Not mentioned

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