AeroFarms: The World leader in Aeroponic Farming

Did you know

  • Traditional farming is no more sustainable.
  • The world population is going up which will touch 9 billion by 2050.
  • Arable farmland is going down.

So the biggest challenge in the coming days for human beings is to grow more foods with less space but sustainably

Growing enough food will meet the food security but now the world has another biggest challenge related to food which is called nutrition security.

“Food and nutrition security exists when all people at all times have physical, social and economic
access to food, which is consumed in sufficient quantity and quality to meet their dietary needs
and food preferences, and is supported by an environment of adequate sanitation, health services, and care, allowing for a healthy and active life.”


Now let’s know about Aerofarms, an American company doing farming in the most innovative way with their patented award-winning Aeroponics Technology and transforming agriculture. And till now they have won more than 40 awards including BIG Innovation 2021 and Sustainability Leaders Awards 2021

  • Founded: 2004 in Finger lakes, New York, US
  • Founders: David Rosenberg (CEO), Marc Oshima (CMO), Edward Harwood (CSO)
  • Headquarter: Newark, New Jersey, US

Aerofarms is on a mission to grow the best plants possible for the betterment of humanity. It is a Certified B Corporation and named as one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies by Fast Company.

Image source- Aerofarms website

The Aeroponics Technology

What is Aeroponics?

Aeroponics is a novel method of indoor farming wherein plants are grown without soil and sunlight, and with very little water. Using this method plants can be grown both vertically and horizontally. The aeroponic system is a closed-loop system where the roots are suspended vertically downward in the air and nutrient mist is spread into them, and the upper portion is exposed to light.

AeroFarms is the commercial leader in fully-controlled indoor vertical farming.

Smart lighting system

Aerofarms uses LED lights to create a specific light recipe for each plant, giving the greens exactly the spectrum, intensity, and frequency they need for photosynthesis in the most energy-efficient way possible.  This engineered lighting system helps to control the size, shape, texture, color, flavor, and nutrition with razor-sharp precision and increased productivity.

Image source- Aerofarms website

How Aerofarm is sustainable?

  • Aerofarm’s aeroponic farming requires 95% less water than field farming and 40% less than hydroponic farming
  • 390 times greater productivity per square foot annually than traditional field farming
  • Uses no pesticides

Aerofarms’s Smart Substrate

AeroFarms has a patented, reusable cloth medium for seeding, germinating, growing, and harvesting.

The growing cloth medium is made out of BPA-free, post-consumer recycled plastic, each taking 350 (16.9 oz) water bottles out of the waste stream.

The cloth can be fully sanitized after harvest and reseeded with no risk of contamination, acting as a barrier between the mist and the plants.

For more information visit their official website

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